Talenta Pro Patria et Humanitate


Jl. Pawiyatan Luhur IV/1
Bendan Dhuwur
Semarang 50234
Telp. 024-8441555 (hunting)
Fax. 024-8415429, 8445265
e-mail: humas@unika.ac.id

SOEGIJAPRANATA Catholic University has 9 faculties, has consist  one Program in Diploma (D3), 11 Bachelor programs and 9 Master Programs :

1.  Architecture and Design
 Architecture S1

 Communication and Visual design
 2.  Engineering  Civil engineering
 3.  Law  Law science
 4.  Economic  Management  S1
     Accounting  S1
     taxation  D3
 5.  Psychology  Psychology  S1
 6.  Industrial Engineering   Electrical Engineering
 7.  Computer science
 Informatics Engineering   S1
8.  Agriculutural Technology
 Food Technology
 9.   Letters
 English Literature


1.  Master of Management Science (M.Si)
2,  Master of Enviromental and Urban  (M.Si)
3.  Master of Psychology Science (M.Si)
4.  Master of Psychology Profession (M.Psi)
5.  Master of Health Law (MH.Kes)
6.  Master of Legal Advocates (MH.Adv)
7.  Master of Management (MM)
8.  Master of Achitecture Engineering(MT)
9.  Master of Food Technology (MT)

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